Depository Services


Depository Services

VISHWAS which offers various financial services under one roof also includes experience, efficient, risk free and prompt Depository Services. Vishwas Fincap Services Private Limited is a registered member of Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL), thus giving you the options to not only choose various financial services but also the opportunity of dual benefits of depository services and trading at one place. Vishwas is also empanelled with CDSL to open DMAT Account of NSEL in Commodities Segment. You can now open DMAT Account with Vishwas for your e-gold, e-silver etc, to keep in DMAT mode. It is our commitment to give the best investment alternatives and products for you! And as one of the emerging Depository Participant's, we offer you the most secure, efficient and risk-free DMAT Accounts at the most economical rates.


When it comes to feel different, VISHWAS is the way to go As an investor you will enjoy numerous benefits if you buy and sell securities in the Dmat mode especially with VISHWAS:?

1. No risk of loss, mutilation or theft of share certificates
2. No bad deliveries
3. No stamp duty for transfer of share
4. Speedy settlement process resulting in increased liquidity of your securities
5. Instant disbursement of non-cash benefits like bonus and rights into your accoun.