Equity Trading

Equity trading

Equity trading (also known as Secondary Market Operations) is the term that refers to activity of buying and/or selling of existing equity and/or preference shares, issued by any of the listed public companies, on the platforms of one or more recognised Stock Exchange(s). The two major Stock Exchanges that handle major trading volumes out of total equity trading in India are National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE). By enrolling as a client with group Vishwas Fincap, a client may avail of the opportunity to trade on any of these Stock Exchanges.

Frequently asked questions.

• Generation of capital gains by making investments for a tenure exceeding one day
• Generation of speculative gains by executing jobbing transactions i.e. the transactions which are squared-up on the same day and
• Procurement of corporate benefits like Dividends, Bonus Shares, Right Shares etc.